Finally, a Spanish class your student will enjoy.

“Señora Stacko's class was an amazing, fun way to learn Spanish. It was a great class! I'm looking forward to next year."


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Why your student should learn Spanish with Simply Teaching Spanish.


Classes are taught by a homeschool experienced native speaker

Small group classes (no more than 10 students per class)

Live online classes

Classes online can be taken from anywhere

Online classes are recorded for later viewing (if needed)

Assigned homework

Provides student socialization

Classes are interactive

Provides an excellent foundation for the Spanish language

Various learning styles used

Other homeschool Spanish lessons tend to cover a lot of new information in one sitting making it challenging for students who need more time to digest what they're learning.


The homeschool Spanish curriculum we use during our classes allows the students to learn Spanish in bite-sized pieces.


This coupled with the online flashcards I provide and the Spanish immersion videos the students watch help students to succeed in memorizing their vocabulary words and put full Spanish sentences together fairly quickly.


Conversational Spanish I

In this interactive course, students will learn the elements of Spanish and develop conversational communication skills through a variety of personalized exercises and activities. We'll be focusing on four important areas of foreign language study: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

By the end of this beginner's Spanish class, students should be able to speak in full sentences.

Conversational Spanish II

Students continue learning the elements of Spanish and developing communication skills through a variety of personalized exercises and activities. By the end of this course, students will have completed their textbook started in the Conversational Spanish I class and have added more words to their vocabulary allowing them to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language. 

Prerequisite: Conversational Spanish I. 

“I learned a lot of vocabulary in this Spanish class. Señora Stacko made it very fun!! Every few weeks we would have contests. At the end of the year, we went to a Mexican restaurant. That was very fun since we got to order in Spanish. I highly recommend you try this class. It will be worth it!"


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