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Discover why my Spanish classes have earned rave reviews from students and parents alike.

Read what parents and students say about Simply Teaching Spanish classes and why they feel it's one of the most effective ways to learn Spanish.

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I was looking for a class to help my kids learn Spanish, while simultaneously taking something off my plate. This course fit the bill! Not only have they learned a ton, but they have had fun doing so. I had two girls take the Conversational Spanish class. They enjoyed practicing conversing with their classmates in Spanish. They enjoyed the games. They even enjoyed the homework. Ms. Clara is great with the kids. My 8th grader was especially excited to hear she would be taking Spanish 1 with Ms. Clara next year. I highly recommend her courses.


Clara's class has been a blessing to our family! It can be hard to help your children learn topics that you yourself don't have knowledge of, and Clara made this easy for us. My boys always knew their assignments and kept on track. She made it so simple for a busy mom to add this into the schedule.


I would highly recommend her Spanish classes to anyone looking for a thorough and worry-free addition to their course work. I look forward to putting my boys in future classes of hers!


We’ve tried a Spanish class before where the kids didn’t really learn much. This one they liked and are able to apply their knowledge. They loved the fact that they learned so much through games. They have both told me that they didn’t realize just how much they really knew until they understood Spanish around them.


I love Señora Stacko! She is a good teacher and pushed me to do well. I love the games and the big lunch at the Spanish restaurant. I can't wait for her next class.


Señora Stacko's class was an amazing, fun way to learn Spanish. It was a great class. I'm looking forward to next year.


I have taken a couple of Spanish classes and this one is my favorite. I liked that we played games and even got to compete all year for a prize.


Clara's class is the best Spanish homeschooling class in our city. She does a great job engaging the kids at a very low price. My daughter looks forward to this class every week, and it has greatly expanded her knowledge of the language. I highly recommend this class.


The Spanish class that Señora Stacko offers is wonderful. She worked one-on-one with my son to assure his success. I was impressed with how quickly he was able to translate full sentences after only a few months. Clara does a great job of incorporating fun games into the class, as well as an end-of-year fiesta! I highly recommend her Spanish class.


We're pleased with the easy learning method that the teaching style and resources provided. Our son learned Spanish and did very well, too! My children are both very much looking forward to their third year of Spanish class.


I really enjoyed Señora Stacko's Spanish class. She was very understanding and patient. I really felt at ease while learning and stumbling through a new language. I'd recommend to any of my friends to take Mrs. Stacko's Spanish class.


I have to say, I didn't expect learning Spanish to be so easy! It wasn't overly complicated and it was very well taught. We covered a lot in this course, but at no point was it overwhelming. I enjoyed this course a lot more than I would've ever thought I would. I learned a lot from it!


Señora Stacko's class was fun. Sometimes we'd play some fun games like hangman. She would never try to rush us. She gave everyone an opportunity to answer a question, and if we didn't know the answer, she didn't just tell us the answer right away, but instead, went around the room giving each student an opportunity to help. She was very nice.


It was great that this class had little to no parental involvement, just an occasional “Did you do your Spanish homework yet.” This was especially important because I don’t speak Spanish and would not have been much help if my child needed me to teach anything.


Señora Stacko's Spanish class was fantastic! My kids enjoyed it and are using Spanish at home all the time. She made it fun and they never felt pressured or stressed. They always looked forward to going. I recommend it highly.


We're pleased with the easy learning method that the teaching style and resources provided. Our son learned Spanish and did very well, too! My children are both very much looking forward to their third year of Spanish class.


Señora Stacko did a great job teaching us Spanish. The learning style was excellent as it was serious and focused on the material, yet was done in a really fun manner. It was great conversing with other students in Spanish. That made the language really come alive, which was awesome! In addition, we watched videos and played games to reinforce what we had learned. Overall it was an experience I won't forget and one that I highly recommend!


I got the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Costa Rica on a missions trip as a freshman and then later as a junior in high school. Taking Señora Stacko's Spanish classes really helped prepare me for conversing with the people there. It also invoked in me a love for the Spanish language that has continued to grow. Being able to communicate with the kids and the other people we interacted with while there was invaluable. It meant so much to them that I could start a conversation with them and wanted to learn their language.


I learned a lot of vocabulary in this Spanish class. Señora Stacko made it very fun! Every few weeks we would have contests. At the end of the year, we went to a Mexican restaurant. That was very fun since we got to order in Spanish. I highly recommend you try this class. It will be worth it! 


My son took three years of Spanish under Clara's instruction. He has come away with a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and of languages in general. Clara made the classes interesting and my son looked forward to going. The games that they played cemented what he had learned and the restaurant experience at the end of each year was just icing on the cake. Thank you Clara!


After suffering through 4 years of Latin, my daughter asked if she could take a Spanish course. I never learned Spanish, but I wanted her to be able to take a course that she had an interest in for her Senior year of homeschool. She very much enjoyed this Spanish class and said that she would even take a next-level course over the summer if it were offered. This class motivated her to take Spanish in college.


My daughter has had the privilege of participating in Clara Stacko's Spanish class for two years. My husband and I are so impressed with how far our daughter has progressed in those two years! Not only does she know a lot of words in Spanish, she actually understands the language and how to correctly speak in Spanish. Best of all, Clara makes the learning process fun so that our daughter looks forward to class and has never once complained about the homework or the class itself.


My daughter and I can't think of any ways to improve this class. It was all so well done!


Sra. Stacko is an amazing teacher and so patient and kind. My girls really enjoyed her class and learned so much in just one year!


Senora Stacko does a wonderful job helping our children learn Spanish and appreciate the beauty of the language. We recommend her unreservedly.

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