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Native Spanish Speaker at Simply Teaching Spanish

If you're a homeschool parent with children who want to learn Spanish, look no further because you found the right place.

My classes are the most convenient and effective way to learn Spanish.

Bienvenido (Welcome)! I'm Clara. 

Originating from the stunning landscapes of Puerto Rico, I'm a native Spanish speaker with a profound passion for teaching students my beautiful language. For more than a decade, I've had the privilege of sharing my love for the Spanish language with homeschooled students.


As a homeschool parent, I understand the importance of making learning fun. That's why in my classes, we do things a bit differently. From playing games like Kahoot to watching cool videos and having friendly competitions, every class is a unique adventure tailored to the awesome individuals I get to teach.

My primary goal is to nurture confidence in language learning by fostering a supportive and relaxed environment where students can thrive.

On a personal level, I'm known for my easygoing demeanor and a touch of quirkiness, qualities that contribute to the welcoming ambiance of my classes.

Outside of teaching, I find joy in spending time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies like gardening, and country line dancing, and nurturing my faith as a Christ follower, alongside my devoted husband of 25 years and our two wonderful sons.


Click below to listen to my podcast guest appearances.


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"I was impressed with how quickly my son was able to translate full sentences."

"The Spanish class that Señora Stacko offers is wonderful. She worked one-on-one with my son to assure his success. I was impressed with how quickly he was able to translate full sentences after only a few months. Señora Stacko does a great job of incorporating fun games into the class! I highly recommend her Spanish class."


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