Clara Stacko Spanish Instructor for Home

I create an encouraging environment for homeschool students to learn Spanish.


Bienvenido (Welcome); I'm Clara. 

I was born in the beautiful country of Puerto Rico and am a native Spanish speaker.


I've been teaching Spanish to homeschool students for over ten years.


One of my responsibilities in a previous career was to translate documents from English to Spanish. I still use my translation experience to help my parents when needed as their English is very limited.


Besides being a Spanish teacher, I'm also a homeschool parent who knows how important it is to make learning fun and interesting. That is why I incorporate various methods of learning into each of my classes.

Whether it's playing Bingo, watching a video, engaging in fun competitions, or just conversing in Spanish, my classes aren't like other Spanish classes your student may have had in the past.


The difference? I pay attention to my students and know when to change things up. 

My classes are never carbon copies of each other because students are not carbon copies of each other. 

It is also my goal to help students gain confidence in learning a new language by offering them a relaxed environment in which to do so. 

On a personal note, my family and friends would describe me as easygoing and a bit quirky. I believe it's my quirkiness that helps my students feel relaxed in my classes.

In fact, a student recently shared with me that, unlike his other classes, it's my laid-back attitude that helped him feel comfortable in my class.


I've been married to my wonderful husband for over 20 years and have two amazing sons. 

I'm a Christ-follower who enjoys teaching, gardening, designing websites, and spending time with my family and friends.


“Clara's Spanish class was fantastic!! My kids enjoyed it and are using Spanish at home all the time. She made it fun and they never felt pressured or stressed. They always looked forward to going. I highly recommend her class."


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