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Bilingual teacher with online Spanish class homeschool students

Fun and effective online homeschool Spanish classes for students ages 10+

"Señora Stacko's Spanish class was fantastic! My kids enjoyed it and are using Spanish at home all the time. She made it fun and they never felt pressured or stressed. I recommend it highly."


New Spanish classes begin September 5, 2023.
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Tired of researching homeschool Spanish curriculum for your child?

You might be a good fit for our online homeschool Spanish classes if...


You want your child to learn Spanish, but you really don't want to have to drive to one more place. We homeschool parents are busy!


You want an instructor who understands homeschooling and teaches using a variety of methods that will help your child learn the language.


You want a native speaker who will communicate with her students in both Spanish and English.


You want an instructor who'll invest in your child and make learning Spanish as easy as possible.


You want someone else to take care of grading homework and tests. 


You want an instructor who has proven success in teaching Spanish to her students.


You want a bilingual teacher that is personable, patient, and knows how to make learning Spanish fun for her students.


You want your child to have the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills through class interactions.


You want to have direct access to the instructor - none of this having to jump through hoops just to speak to someone. 


You want a small class size so your child can get the attention and help they may need.

I can help your child successfully learn Spanish.


Your child's going to learn the elements of Spanish by focusing on speaking, reading, writing, and listening and will practice their skills with their peers.


Your child will have the same instructor throughout all of their classes, creating a comfortable, personable environment for them.


For additional practice, they'll have assigned homework which will be reviewed during class to assure understanding.


Before they know it, your child will confidently speak Spanish as lessons are presented in bite-sized pieces keeping the overwhelm at bay.


Your child will have access to online flashcards, audio files, and videos to reinforce learning depending on the course they're taking.


Your child will never have to worry about missing a class because they'll have access to class recordings.


Class size is kept small, so your child gets the attention they need.


Your child will learn Spanish through various methods including videos, games, and an easy-to-understand curriculum. 

Not sure what level your child needs? Here are the Spanish classes I offer.

red haired boy looking at his tablet

Conversational Spanish 1

teen girl smiling as she hods a tablet

Conversational Spanish 2

Asian girl looking at her school tablet

High School Spanish

All of these classes are great for beginners, although students do have to take Conversational Spanish 1 before they can take Conversational Spanish 2.

Although the Conversational Spanish classes help prepare students for the High School Spanish class, students aren't required to take those classes in order to register for the High School Spanish class.

Clara Stacko Simply Teaching Spanish

¡Hola, me llamo Clara!
(Hi, my name is Clara!)

I'm a bilingual native Spanish speaker born in the beautiful country of Puerto Rico. Over the past ten years, I've successfully helped numerous homeschool students speak, read, and write in Spanish. 


What makes my teaching style different from other instructors is that I'm not only a Spanish teacher, but am also a homeschool parent who understands that there isn't a one-size-fits-all type of learning.

This is why I provide your children with various ways for them to learn the language and demonstrate their learning.

My passion is to teach Spanish in a way that captures and holds your child's attention and makes them look forward to each class.

My classes are specially designed for homeschoolers.

Your child will learn Spanish in a relaxed environment while gaining confidence in learning a new language.

Nervous that your homeschooled child wouldn't be able to learn Spanish online?

Here's how I make my homeschool classes interactive and fun for your child to learn Spanish.


Both Zoom and Google Classroom are used for all online classes. Google Classroom is used to share homework assignments with the students.


The curriculum we use makes learning Spanish vocabulary easy. In just a few weeks, students find that they're able to form full sentences. 


Games are incorporated in our classes to test students' understanding of the Spanish language in a fun and entertaining manner.


Spanish-speaking-only videos are incorporated in each class in order to help students learn Spanish through the immersion method.

Simply Teaching Spanish student serving children in Costa Rica

I got the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Costa Rica on a missions trip as a freshman and then later as a junior in high school. Taking Señora Stacko's Spanish classes really helped prepare me for conversing with the people there. It also invoked in me a love for the Spanish language that has continued to grow. Being able to communicate with the kids and the other people we interacted with while there was invaluable. It meant so much to them that I could start a conversation with them and wanted to learn their language.


Take a sneak peek at one of my Spanish classes.

Students have fun learning Spanish in my classes. Below you can watch as students from the Conversational Spanish 1 class participate in the Story Builder activity.  


They work together as a group to form a long sentence in Spanish using vocabulary they've learned in class. The students enjoy this activity because they like to challenge themselves to see how long of a sentence they can put together.

Homeschool students participating in online Spanish class

Señora Stacko's Spanish classes are hands down the best homeschool classes my daughter has ever taken. I cannot believe how much Spanish she learned and how quickly. She absolutely loved her teacher and looked forward to her online class every week. You will not regret enrolling your child in any classes taught by Señora Stacko! Money very well spent!


Getting started with these Spanish classes is simple.

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1. Pick your Spanish class

Choose a class that meets your needs.

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2. Register your child online

Fill out the registration form and submit.

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3. Submit your payment

And start your child's journey to learning Spanish.

Check out this Spanish student's testimonial.

Watch and listen to this student as he describes how he's learning to speak Spanish with Simply Teaching Spanish and why he recommends the Conversational Spanish class.


"Señora Stacko developed a true love of the Spanish language in my daughter."

"My daughter has had the privilege of participating in Señora Stacko's Spanish class for two years. My husband and I are so impressed with how far our daughter has progressed in those two years! Not only does she know a lot of words in Spanish, she actually understands the language and how to correctly speak in Spanish. Best of all, Señora Stacko makes the learning process fun so that our daughter looks forward to class and has never once complained about the homework or the class itself. Señora Stacko has developed in her a true love of the Spanish language and a desire to fully learn and comprehend it."


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